Young Coach Education

Project Objective: To We inspire young men and women coaches to become social role models and community leaders – on and off the pitch.



The Football Club Social Alliance is a partnership of professional European football clubs. The partner clubs use the unifying power and values of football to become involved in socially disadvantaged regions. 22 Young Coach Education Programme is based on our strong belief that positive social change needs to start locally. We tackle social problems in conflict, development and crisis regions around the world

Implementation Project Intervention And Achievements

Activities implemented during 2019 were based on bringing positive changes and increase capacity in dealing with children of different ability aged 6-10 years old. Training to Young couches for 3 modules was the main activity conducted;

  1. The first module was done in Iringa in April 2019 with the total number of 43 coaches from
  2. The first module was done in Iringa in April 2019 with the total number of 43 coaches from different regions. 13 participants from Iringa, 4 from Arusha, 2 from Dodoma, 6 from Dar es Salaam and 17 from Tanga Region.
  3. Second Module was in Tanga the same participants participated in July.
  4. Third module conducted in Iringa on October 2019 whereby all 43 coaches from 4 regions participated.

Achievements: Increased capacity to coaches on facilitation skills to under 10 year’s children and techniques on preparing sessions for kids festivals, ALSO Improving the coach's capacity in conducting sessions for depressed /children from vulnerable environments.

Challenges: The low number of school girls participated in practical sessions with young coaches. This is due to the culture that inherited from parents attitudes, that woman can’t engage in football.