Public Expenditure

Project Objective: This is a program that intends to uphold good governance by directly involving the citizens in making follow up on the public expenditure in the agriculture sector.

The PETS program is a program that is funded by Foundation for civil society that is implemented within MUFINDI DC within four wards namely IKONGOSI, SADANI, MTWANGO and MTAMBULA extending to 16 villages in the respective wards. The program duration is 8 months, which will see the program being implemented from July 2019 to sometime in February 2020


  1. Advocacy and sensitization at Ward development committees (KAMAKA) : In complying with the instructions from Mufindi DC authorities we were able to make sensitization and program advocacy to the respective ward development committees reaching a total of 4 wards and a total of 40 LGA leaders attending the said meeting at KAMAKA level benefiting from the sessions held with them.

2. Introduction of the program to government stakeholders: For July we implemented the activity of introducing the PETS Program, by initially introducing the program to 17 government stakeholders involving several department heads from the office of Mufindi district ranging from representative-

Community sensitization through training in respective wards: Community sensitization was done through public village meetings which saw 16 villages of Utosi, Ihanzutwa, Tambalang'ombe, Igomaha, Mtambula, Ipilimo, Nyakipambo, Ihegela, Ikongosi, Ikongongosi Juu, Mtiri, Igongo, Lufuna, Kibao, Kitiru, SAWALA, Utosi, Ihanzutwa, Tambalang'ombe, Igomaha, Mtambula, Ipilimo, Nyakipambo, Ihegela, Ikongosi, IkongongosiJuu, Mtiri, Igongo, Lufuna, Kibao, Kitiru and SAWALA being reached by the program with Four members by considering gender balance and representation being selected to form the village PETS committees with a total of 64 members being selected.

IMPACT: Highlighting Pets committee findings in contrast to the allocated agricultural budget from the year 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 to determine budgetary allocation for the agricultural sector and its impacts in their respective wards in advancing the agricultural sector. ALSO Increased awareness of the general public on the Public Expenditure Tracking System.

CHALLENGES: Geographical location, some villages are scattered; therefore, PETs committee faced challenges during data collection exercise.

ALSO The unwillingness of the local leaders to provide cooperation