NuruFm Radio

Project Objective: To have a strong and progressive society, which is empowered in education, economy, health, good governance and culture. To achieve this goal, NURU FM employs the following strategies but not limited to; to be a platform for community's voices – uncovering issues that cause dialogue and debates – strategic programming that uses state-of-the-art equipment, technology and qualified human resources. Also the strategies, at NURU FM, we cherish the following values; Truth, transparency, gender equality, hard and teamwork, creativity, professionalism and inclusiveness.



Nuru FM is a registered community radio station. The radio is licensed by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority to provide District Non-Commercial content services (Radio Broadcasting) in Iringa District, Mainland Tanzania, under Section 13 of the Electronic and Postal Communications Act, CAP.306 and Section 6 of the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority Act, CAP 172 of the Laws of Tanzania. NURU FM 93.5 was established by the Iringa Development of Youth Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC) as one of its department and became in operation since 2009. Currently, NURU FM operates with seven employees (six males and one female) and has fifteen volunteers (eighty males and seven females).

In the year 2022/2023, at NURU FM Radio, we carried out several activities but not limited to the following;

  1. Production of strategic programs that cater to the Iringa community and its sub-communities
  2. Developing proposals solicit funding, e.g. the Inter-news funding for Youth and Women's education on electoral processes, particularly in the coming 2020 General Elections in October.
  3. Market and marketing activities – resource mobilization through the sale of airtime to various advertisers.
  4. Development of the NURU FM Five Years Strategic Plan, Social Sustainability Plan, Financial Sustainability Plan and Manuals, and the Communication and Visibility Strategy.
  5. Rehabilitation of the office, including the studio.


All staffs and some of the volunteers have their capacities built through various training that is provided by our partners, including; The BBC, USAID BORESHA HABARI, and UNESCO. This has empowered our human resources with the knowledge and necessary skills that are required in our daily operations.

ALSO, Strategic partnerships have provided us access to state-of-the-art equipment such as computers, mixers, cameras, monitor speakers, UPS, voice recorders, and microphones, from Boresha Habari of Inter-news.

AND Our strategic programming and partnerships such as the BBC, RFI International and Voice of America, have given us extra mileage in reaching out to a vast audience

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CHALLENGES: The TCRA initiated a change of all community radios to commercial radios by 2020 alongside raising the annual subscription fee, Our coverage not reaching in some areas, especially for rural, AND Limited resources to organize festivals as a way of boosting marketing