IDYDC SACCOS & Microcredit provides loans and savings services to members and target groups in Iringa. It targets Vulnerable families in the regions in accordance with the overall objective of the IDYDC as the organization.


IDYDC SACCOS and MICROCREDIT were created by IDYDC as an organization in order to support family members who are taking care of street children and Orphans. It created the SACCOS program after a survey that highlighted how poverty and failure to cope with basic needs like food, clothes, education, health, housing, and schooling was the main reason children who were supported by IDYDC left families and live in the Street.

IDYDC SACCOS provides loans and savings services to members and target groups in Iringa. It targets Vulnerable families in the regions in accordance with the overall objective of the IDYDC as an organization.

Loans are provided mainly for business purposes and strong training system is associated with financial services. The beneficiaries’ members are grouped usually in family groups as it has been evaluated that involving the whole extended family in the business project is a good way to make sure that the loan is actually used for the business itself and not for other family needs.


Clients of IDYDC  SACCOS during loan and business management training.


Client showing her record book to loan officer during business coaching


Clients of IDYDC SACCOS during loan and business management training.


On the basis of the IDYDC SACCOS work plan of 2023, the SACCOS used its seed capital funds which are mainly from the IDYDC organization as part of funds and members' contributions through savings and shares which they make to the SACCOS:

  1. During the year 2022/2023, the beneficiaries of IDYDC SACCOS received training on Entrepreneurship, loan management, and IDYDC Programs and more training was on how to become IDYDC  SACCOS Members before getting a loan.
  2. The IDYDC SACCOS loan officers Addressed the needs and economically underserved members by providing entrepreneurship skills and business coaching during the monitoring and follow-up.
  3. Conducting assessment meetings in order to determine their needs and customize training which equipped them with the necessary skills and knowledge that they need to start or improve business before getting loans from the IDYDC  SACCOS.
  4. Upon completion of the training on business and loan management, the loan officers provided them with financial in terms of the soft loan for their business that they have applied for.
  5. Also, the loan officers and loan committee made monthly loan follow-ups and monitoring to all loaned beneficiaries.
  6. Moreover, loan officers made loan follow–up and loan collection from members loaned and groups members that were loaned during the year.
  7. Other’s activities were as conducting the annual meetings with all stakeholders, and writing monthly reports and books of accounts.
  8. The IDYDC SACCOS Board members, loan committee, and loan officers all were involved in the preparation of all IDYDC SACCOS documents which were needed for new registration as it was required by the Government that all financial service providers are required to reregister before 31/10/2020



  1. Resources are not enough to make sure that all seen meetings with clients and group leaders are actually in place every year.

For anyone wishing to know the loan process, Loan policy as well as downloading the loan application form, kindly click those links below......

After filling out the loan application form, send it via or mailto:


Financial services like IDYDC MICROCREDIT & SACCOS have been provided to be one of the strategies to reduce poverty among the members and the community in need.

IDYDC MICROCREDIT & SACCOS has been implementing activities during the whole year up to date successfully throughout the region by then. The members base is well growing which is a clear indicator that the members of IDYDC MICROCREDIT & SACCOS  especially women and youth from group members  are valuing the financial service provided by IDYDC MICROCREDIT & SACCOS.