USAID Tulonge Afya

Project Objectives: Catalyzes opportunities for Tanzanians to improve their health status by transforming socio-cultural norms and supporting the adoption of healthier behaviors

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By addressing key social and cultural norms and social behavior change (SBC) needs, USAID Tulonge Afya identifies the drivers of behaviors directly tied to health and leverages social and behavior change communication (SBCC) and other mutually-reinforcing approaches to achieve the following results:

  1. Strengthened community support for healthy behaviors.
  2. Improved ability of individuals to practice healthy behaviors.
  3. Improved systems for coordination and implementation of SBCC interventions.

Volunteers have been conducting small group sessions on Furaha Yangu Test and Treat campaign and Naweza and Sitetereki platforms.  A total of 5238 youth aged 15 - 24 have been reached through Sitetereki platform where 2879 are girls from 2374 groups and 2059 are boys from 224 groups that graduated. In Naweza 697 groups graduated from them 7709 people were reached through this adult platform. Furaha Yangu campaign reached 60139 HIV at-risk people, 32230 being male and 27788 females. The other 4928 people were reached through 24 magnetic theatre events that were conducted in 22 wards. Supportive supervision visits were done regularly and each quarter they were done in collaboration with Mufindi LGA and USAID Tulonge Afya zonal office. These quarterly supportive supervision visits managed to reach 15 wards while the monthly supervision visits reached all 27 wards.

On the period of October 2018 to September 2022, it captures key project achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. The project went on with the implementation of project activities the volunteers were trained when Naweza and Sitetereki platforms were rolled out. 24 PCs were oriented on Sitetereki, 11 female and 13 male PCs while 53 volunteers were oriented on Naweza Pregnancy and Childbirth package.

Achievement And Impacts..

Regularly distribute and/or place all approved IEC materials under USAID Tulonge Afya in relevant units of health facilities and across targeted communities (depending on health areas) to extend the reach and visibility of SBCC messages according to distribution plans shared by the project.

Conduct face to face or/and small groups of targeted audience’s interpersonal communication at each street, village and ward level forinstance Furaha Yangu; People reached 27172, male 17145, female 10027, NAWEZA; People reached 6111, groups graduated 697.


CHALLENGES: Insufficient provision tools in project implementation like bicycles, gumboots, and bags. We have told them the issues have been addressed to the Zonal team and when the budget allows they will be received. AND Due to the geographic nature of Mufindi are so scatted to volunteers, we have been telling them to make sure the first concentrate on reachable areas.


Mother meet up event

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Session about HIV