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Iringa Development of Youth Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC) is a local Non-Governmental Organization based in Iringa region southern part of Tanzania with its headquarters in Iringa Municipal. It was established in 1991 and got registered in 1994 with registration number SO. NO 7552. IDYDC acquired certificate of ‘Compliance’ No. 0843 under sec. 11(3) act No. 24 of 2002 in 2009. The reason for establishment was to support street children and orphans by giving them a chance to get shelter and education. We have now grown and after many years of experience we have different programs on health, education, environment, women and Edu-sports. "At IDYDC we want to see a community free from diseases, poverty, illiteracy and socially developed where human rights are respected. We hope to achieve that by investing in youth and children since they are the spirit of our nation. You can play your part by volunteering in our projects, making a donation or just spreading the word to make the community more aware. Together we can go further." Also IDYDC exist to improve the living standard of the disadvantaged people (needy children, PLHIV’s, youth, widows, widowers and poor people) in Iringa region through establishment of rehabilitation and vocational training centers. Also facilitating the establishment of savings and credit schemes and training on HIV/AIDS, alcohol prevention among youth and drug abuse, gender, child labor, and the right of the child by organizing drama and sports.

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IDYDC has 50 (Male 31 and Female 19) full timestaff who are working under the leardship of executive director and management team pf 6 program officers, adminstator and accountant. Also IDYDC is being supported by community volnteers who are working at community level.
Jumbe Kiteve

Jumbe Kiteve


He hire and train other administrative staff, providing feedback to improve organization and communication through administrative policies. Administrative manager delegate tasks to Administrative Assistants and audit company practices to ensure consistent implementation of best administrative practices.

Johnnie Nkoma

Johnnie Nkoma

Executive Director

managing company assets, optimizing financial operations, providing leadership to all staff, establishing business goals, ensuring tax compliance, advising the board of directors on organizational activities, overseeing and streamlining daily operations, improving staff performance, and executing special business projects

Zacharia Mwenda

Zacharia Mwenda


Preparing and maintaining important financial reports
Preparing tax returns and ensuring that taxes are paid properly and on time
Evaluating financial operations to recommend best-practices, identify issues and strategize solutions, and help organizations run efficiently


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