Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Project Objective: Decreased alcohol consumption and its related harm by 10% in the project areas by 2021.



Alcohol project is among of the project implemented by IDYDC within the health department, supported by the IOGT NTO- Movement (Movendi). The project started for the aim of educating community members on Alcohol effects and other related diseases caused by Alcohol use.

The target group of Alcohol project are school children and community members. For the year 2019, the project has been implemented in Ulanda ward (Kibebe, Weru, Lupalama, and Mwambao) and Nzihi ward (Nzihi village).

Approach- Community Based Approach is the best methodology used to reach the target group. Ward/village leaders, community members were involved and allowed to identify and analyze their problems and finding for a solution especially for those problems related or originated from alcohol use.

Alcohol consumption is still high

Adequate education and replacement techniques are still needed, we are ready to receive any donation


The implementation of these activities contributed to the increased awareness on Alcohol effects among people and reduction of alcohol consumption, selling and production by formulating bylaws that based on restricting or limiting alcohol production, that means all producers have to be registered to the village office and had to shift, the shift depends on the village population. Other women alcohol producers decided to change their business from alcohol to other businesses; the lower the alcohol production the lower the alcohol consumption.

Challenge: Cultural and social practices of alcohol use in Iringa region have realized to be harmful, social and cultural practices are not only for the human problem but are affecting the lives of children. Regardless of the harmful practice, they all have devastating consequences on the lives of children; affect education, health, and psychological well-being. To overcome these challenges the project has have included the use of social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, tweeter and organisation website) to address the audience/people/beneficiaries on the effect of Alcohol to the community.


Alcohol consumption is legally controlled and decreased in project areas. There has been a decrease in the number of Alcohol barrel from 8 to 3 per day as agreed in bylaws, indicates a decrease in Alcohol consumption among community members, restriction of Alcohol from outside the village (import) and producers shifts indicate a decrease in consumption. Local bars Opening/closing hours was observed during monitoring that, the local bars opened at 3.00 pm instead of 2.00 pm and closing at 8.00 pm instead of 10.00 pm as the agreed time in their bylaws. The situation is different from the previous time before intervention such as the production of alcohol and the number of producers per day has been reduced.

School children have increased knowledge of alcohol effect and take informed discussions regarding alcohol consumption behavior. Using pre and post questions revealed that, there is an increased awareness and reduction of alcohol use among school children or underage children. They understand what Alcohol is, types of Alcohol and how Alcohol can affect their school performances and lost their future dreams. Through school session students capacitated on explaining anything related to Alcohol effects.